Our multi-layered communications programs for Fortune 500, small cap and start-up companies help clients break through to customers and investors. In this continually evolving environment, we have the contacts, resources and team to help our technology clients thrive. Our trendspotting strategies to integrate our clients into the American dialogue are unmatched for a firm our size. The proven public relations and digital communications strategies we’ve developed from our time in the editorial and production offices of top media outlets ensure that the attention and actions generated from our efforts provides real and lasting value. Virgilio Media clients look for measurable results and we deliver. Every member of our technology practice is passionate, creative and dedicated to achieving measurable results.

That’s why Fortune 100 tech companies leverage our team members’ experience when they launch new products and promote customer successes.

Highlights of media coverage results for technology sector clients listed below include: Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Kiplinger’s, Live with Kelly & Michael, Fox Business, ComputerWorld, Wired and Fast Company.

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  • Advanced MD
  • BEA
  • Brad’s Deals
  • ChemBio
  • CI Host
  • College Zapps
  • Condor Advisors
  • Collaborate Classroom
  • Fulcrum Financial
  • Intelligent Retail Computing
  • LeapFish
  • Longview Solutions
  • Nerds on Site
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  • Optimal Strategix
  • People Metrics
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