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Retaining an attorney or consultant isn’t an impulse ‘buy.’ In this increasingly competitive industry, media coverage distinguishes talent to remain top-of-mind with prospects large and small.

We have more than two decades worth of contacts along with the latest technology to help you thrive via expert-positioning, thought leadership and commentary pieces.  Combined with a strong social media and multi-platform digital communications presence, the results are measurable.

Our unmatched trendspotting strategies integrate you into the American dialogue.  For every one expert you see on television, the producers debated at least 25 others.  Every member of our team is passionate, creative and dedicated to achieving your goals through customized programs inspired by years of experience in the editorial and production offices of major media outlets.

That’s why we are becoming the choice for national and regional firms to partner with to break ground in breaking news.

Highlights of media coverage results for legal and consulting sector clients listed below include: Los Angeles Times, Star-Ledger, Philadelphia Inquirer, Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, American Bar Association Newsletter, Legal Times, Trust & Estates, TruTV, CBS News, NBC News, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News ,Discovery Networks, Fox Business, Dr. Phil, Huffington Post and Money.com.

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  • Crime Attorneys
  • Deep Dialogue
  • General Counsel
  • General Patent
  • Langan Law
  • Stephen Naratil, Esq.
  • Luis Salazar (bankruptcy & restructuring expert)
  • Greg Schor, Esq.
  • Ruane Attorneys
  • Summit Defense


  • Capital Solutions
  • Condor Advisors
  • Dave Peskin (reverse mortgage)
  • Deep Dialogue
  • Drayton Michaels (animal behavior expert)
  • H. Perlmutter (management expert)
  • Lead Star
  • Manhattan Research
  • People Metrics
  • Performance Solutions