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Almost everyone who’s savvy with the internet has heard about “going viral”.[1] “Going viral” refers to the fact that your content resonates so enormously that it catches on fire, and ends up being the latest big thing across the internet. It is when your content gets liked, retweeted, republished, commented on, blogged about, talked about on the streets of LA to Viti Levu, and it earns you more views than your wildest dreams could ever have imagined.

It’s a powerful outcome for your web content and for your brand’s reputation (even if that brand is “you”). However, desiring the key to making something go viral is an unrealistic wish; certainly, you should do your best to make your content the most interesting and fascinating online experience possible, but nobody can really put their finger on what causes something to “go viral”. What you can do is improve your chances of achieving a viral outcome while accepting that much of going viral is going to be about luck and good fortune.

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